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About Us

A Family owned farm

The James' are third and fourth generation farmers.  Keith grew up on a small family farm in Pleasant Grove, Utah, where he farmed with his father.  It became necessary to leave the farm after the passing of his father in 1986.  In 1988 Keith, his wife Beth, and their five children moved to Milford, Utah and began working for Russel Mayer on his 1100 acre alfalfa farm.  Three years later Keith and Beth purchased 850 acres of the farm and in 1997 purchased the remaining acres.


For the next 10 plus years the family worked together changing 25 wheel lines night and morning and cubing the hay with field cubers.  

In 1996 the Jamess converted from field cubers to a stationary cubing system.  In 1997 they began converting the irrigation system from wheel lines to center pivot sprinklers.  


In 1999 their son Ben left the construction business and returned to Milford to join in partnership with his dad and is now the fourth generation farmer.  Ben, his wife Jodi, and their 3 children are key to the success of this growing business.


The James' look at their farm as more than just a business but as a stewardship and as a way of life.  They are committed to using the best methods known to make the highest quality alfalfa hay cubes.

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