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Our Hay Cubing Process

James Farm's unique alfalfa is grown biologically for a better balance of nutrients. James Farm fertilizes with composte, liquid micronutrients, and bacteria stimulants.  


James Farm's alfalfa is  Weed-Free Certified by the Utah State Department of Agriculture. The care and work put into our growing process truly produces the highest quality alfalfa hay cubes.


Cutting & Chopping

First, the hay is cut using a state-of-the-art MacDon M200 swather.  Once the hay is cured, it is chopped and put into a transport wagon.  The freshly chopped hay is then transported to the stationary cuber.

The chopped hay is then fed into the stationary cuber where it is mixed with a small amount of water and a minimal about of betonite (used to hold the cube together) and compressed into a cube.  Click through the pictures to the right for further details about the cubing process.  


Process: Cubing

The finished high quality alfalfa hay cubes are then moved to a covered storage shed until delivered.  The storage sheds are built on asphalt and concrete floors to keep dirt out of the hay cubes.  


The hay cubes are loaded into semi trucks and delivered to our domestic customers and retail outlets.  Our hay cubes are shipped in dry vans to Long Beach, California where they are trans-loaded into containers for overseas shipment.


James Farm alfalfa hay cubes are also available at the farm and can be loaded in your pickup, trailer, enclosed trailer, etc.


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